SB 10.60.31

ayaṁ hi paramo lābho
 gṛheṣu gṛha-medhinām
yan narmair īyate yāmaḥ
 priyayā bhīru bhāmini
ayam — this; hi — indeed; paramaḥ — the greatest; lābhaḥ — gain; gṛheṣu — in family life; gṛha-medhinām — for worldly householders; yat — which; narmaiḥ — with joking words; īyate — is spent; yāmaḥ — time; priyayā — with one’s beloved; bhīru — O timid one; bhāmini — O temperamental one.
The greatest pleasure worldly householders can enjoy at home is to spend time joking with their beloved wives, My dear timid and temperamental one.

The word bhāmini indicates an angry, passionate, temperamental woman. Since lovely Rukmiṇī did not become angry despite all provocation, the Lord is still speaking facetiously.