SB 10.58.53

śrutvaitad rurudhur bhūpā
 nayantaṁ pathi kanyakām
bhagna-vīryāḥ su-durmarṣā
 yadubhir go-vṛṣaiḥ purā
śrutvā — hearing; etat — this; rurudhuḥ — they obstructed; bhū-pāḥ — the kings; nayantam — who was taking; pathi — along the road; kanyakām — His bride; bhagna — broken; vīryāḥ — whose strength; su — very; durmarṣāḥ — intolerant; yadubhiḥ — by the Yadus; go-vṛṣaiḥ — by the bulls; purā — before.
When the intolerant kings who had been rival suitors heard what had happened, they tried to stop Lord Kṛṣṇa on the road as He took His bride home. But just as the bulls had broken the kings’ strength before, the Yadu warriors broke it now.