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SB 10.57.23

tata āha balo nūnaṁ
 sa maṇiḥ śatadhanvanā
kasmiṁścit puruṣe nyastas
 tam anveṣa puraṁ vraja
tataḥ — then; āha — said; balaḥ — Lord Balarāma; nūnam — certainly; saḥ — that; maṇiḥ — jewel; śatadhanvanā — by Śatadhanvā; kasmiṁścit — with some particular; puruṣe — person; nyastaḥ — left; tam — him; anveṣa — search out; puram — to the city; vraja — go.
To this Lord Balarāma replied, “Indeed, Śatadhanvā must have placed the jewel in the care of someone. You should return to Our city and find that person.