SB 10.56.23

dvandva-yuddhaṁ su-tumulam
 ubhayor vijigīṣatoḥ
āyudhāśma-drumair dorbhiḥ
 kravyārthe śyenayor iva
dvandva — paired; yuddham — the fight; su-tumulam — very furious; ubhayoḥ — between the two of them; vijigīṣatoḥ — who both were striving to win; āyudha — with weapons; aśma — stones; drumaiḥ — and trees; dorbhiḥ — with their arms; kravya — carrion; arthe — for the sake; śyenayoḥ — between two hawks; iva — as if.
The two fought furiously in single combat, each determined to win. Contending against each other with various weapons and then with stones, tree trunks and finally their bare arms, they struggled like two hawks battling over a piece of flesh.