SB 10.55.29

avadhārya śanair īṣad
 vailakṣaṇyena yoṣitaḥ
upajagmuḥ pramuditāḥ
 sa-strī ratnaṁ su-vismitāḥ
avadhārya — realizing; śanaiḥ — gradually; īṣat — slight; vailakṣaṇyena — by the difference of appearance; yoṣitaḥ — the ladies; upajagmuḥ — they came near; pramuditāḥ — delighted; sa — together with; strī — of women; ratnam — the jewel; su-vismitaḥ — very surprised.
Gradually, from the slight differences between His appearance and Kṛṣṇa’s, the ladies realized He was not the Lord. Delighted and astonished, they approached Pradyumna and His consort, who was a jewel among women.