SB 10.55.18

so ’dhikṣipto durvācobhiḥ
 padāhata ivoragaḥ
niścakrāma gadā-pāṇir
 amarṣāt tāmra-locanaḥ
saḥ — he, Śambara; adhikṣiptaḥ — insulted; durvācobhiḥ — by harsh words; padā — by a foot; āhataḥ — struck; iva — like; uragaḥ — a snake; niścakrāma — came out; gadā — a club; pāṇiḥ — in his hand; amarṣāt — out of intolerant anger; tāmra — copper-red; locanaḥ — whose eyes.
Offended by these harsh words, Śambara became as agitated as a kicked snake. He came out, club in hand, his eyes red with rage.