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SB 10.55.14

tam imaṁ jahi durdharṣaṁ
 durjayaṁ śatrum ātmanaḥ
māyā-śata-vidaṁ taṁ ca
 māyābhir mohanādibhiḥ
tam imam — him; jahi — please kill; durdharṣam — who is difficult to approach; durjayam — and difficult to conquer; śatrum — enemy; ātmanaḥ — Your own; māyā — magic spells; śata — hundreds; vidam — who knows; tam — him; ca — and; māyābhiḥ — by magic spells; mohana-ādibhiḥ — of bewilderment and so on.
Now kill this dreadful Śambara, Your formidable enemy. Although he knows hundreds of magic spells, You can defeat him with bewildering magic and other techniques.