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SB 10.54.55

narā nāryaś ca muditāḥ
pāribarham upājahrur
 varayoś citra-vāsasoḥ
narāḥ — the men; nāryaḥ — women; ca — and; muditāḥ — joyful; pramṛṣṭa — polished; maṇi — their jewels; kuṇḍalāḥ — and earrings; pāribarham — wedding gifts; upājahruḥ — they respectfully presented; varayoḥ — to the groom and the bride; citra — wonderful; vāsasoḥ — whose dress.
All the men and women, full of joy and adorned with shining jewels and earrings, brought wedding presents, which they reverently offered to the exquisitely dressed groom and bride.