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SB 10.54.10

śiśupālaṁ samabhyetya
 hṛta-dāram ivāturam
naṣṭa-tviṣaṁ gatotsāhaṁ
 śuṣyad-vadanam abruvan
śiśupālam — Śiśupāla; samabhyetya — approaching; hṛta — stolen; dāram — whose wife; iva — as if; āturam — perturbed; naṣṭa — lost; tviṣam — whose color; gata — gone; utsāham — whose enthusiasm; śuṣyat — dried up; vadanam — whose face; abruvan — they addressed.
The kings approached Śiśupāla, who was disturbed like a man who has lost his wife. His complexion was drained of color, his enthusiasm was gone, and his face appeared dried up. The kings spoke to him as follows.

Although Śiśupāla had not married Rukmiṇī, he passionately considered her his property, and thus he was devastated, like a man who has lost his beloved wife.