SB 10.53.38

kiñcit su-caritaṁ yan nas
 tena tuṣṭas tri-loka-kṛt
anugṛhṇātu gṛhṇātu
 vaidarbhyāḥ pāṇim acyutaḥ
kiñcit — at all; su-caritam — pious work; yat — whatever; naḥ — our; tena — with that; tuṣṭaḥ — satisfied; tri-loka — of the three worlds; kṛt — the creator; anugṛhṇātu — may please show mercy; gṛhṇātu — may take; vaidarbhyāḥ — of Rukmiṇī; pāṇim — the hand; acyutaḥ — Kṛṣṇa.
May Acyuta, the creator of the three worlds, be satisfied with whatever pious work we may have done and show His mercy by taking the hand of Vaidarbhī.

The devoted citizens of Vidarbha lovingly offered their entire stock of pious credit to Princess Rukmiṇī. They were very eager to see her marry Lord Kṛṣṇa.