SB 10.52.35

yatas tvam āgato durgaṁ
 nistīryeha yad-icchayā
sarvaṁ no brūhy aguhyaṁ cet
 kiṁ kāryaṁ karavāma te
yataḥ — from which place; tvam — you; āgataḥ — have come; durgam — the impassable sea; nistīrya — crossing; iha — here; yat — with what; icchayā — desire; sarvam — everything; naḥ — to Us; brūhi — please tell; aguhyam — not secret; cet — if; kim — what; kāryam — work; karavāma — may We do; te — for you.
Whence have you come, crossing the impassable sea, and for what purpose? Explain all this to Us if it is not a secret, and tell Us what We may do for you.