SB 10.52.15

ānartādhipatiḥ śrīmān
 raivato raivatīṁ sutām
brahmaṇā coditaḥ prādād
 balāyeti puroditam
ānarta — of the Ānarta Province; adhipatiḥ — the overlord; śrīmān — opulent; raivataḥ — Raivata; raivatīm — named Raivatī; sutām — his daughter; brahmaṇā — by Lord Brahmā; coditaḥ — ordered; prādāt — gave; balāya — to Balarāma; iti — thus; purā — previously; uditam — mentioned.
As ordered by Lord Brahmā, Raivata, the opulent ruler of Ānarta, gave Lord Balarāma his daughter Raivatī in marriage. This has already been discussed.

The topic of Lord Kṛṣṇa’s marriage to Rukmiṇī will now be discussed. By way of introduction, a brief mention is made of His brother Baladeva’s marriage. This marriage was alluded to in the Ninth Canto of the Bhāgavatam, Third Chapter, texts 33-36.