SB 10.51.8

palāyanaṁ yadu-kule
 jātasya tava nocitam
iti kṣipann anugato
 nainaṁ prāpāhatāśubhaḥ
palāyanam — fleeing; yadu-kule — in the Yadu dynasty; jātasya — who have been born; tava — for You; na — is not; ucitam — proper; iti — in these words; kṣipan — insulting; anugataḥ — in pursuit; na — not; enam — Him; prāpa — reached; ahata — not cleansed or eliminated; aśubhaḥ — whose sinful reactions.
While chasing the Lord, the Yavana cast insults at Him, saying “You took birth in the Yadu dynasty. It’s not proper for You to run away!” But still Kālayavana could not reach Lord Kṛṣṇa, because his sinful reactions had not been cleansed away.