SB 10.51.15

sa yācitaḥ sura-gaṇair
 indrādyair ātma-rakṣaṇe
asurebhyaḥ paritrastais
 tad-rakṣāṁ so ’karoc ciram
saḥ — he; yācitaḥ — requested; sura-gaṇaiḥ — by the demigods; indra-ādyaiḥ — headed by Lord Indra; ātma — their own; rakṣaṇe — for protection; asurebhyaḥ — of the demons; paritrastaiḥ — who were terrified; tat — their; rakṣām — protection; saḥ — he; akarot — carried out; ciram — for a long time.
Begged by Indra and the other demigods to help protect them when they were terrorized by the demons, Mucukunda defended them for a long time.