SB 10.47.5

anyathā go-vraje tasya
 smaraṇīyaṁ na cakṣmahe
snehānubandho bandhūnāṁ
 muner api su-dustyajaḥ
anyathā — otherwise; go-vraje — in the cow pasture; tasya — for Him; smaraṇīyam — that which is worth remembering; na cakṣmahe — we do not see; sneha — of affection; anubandhaḥ — the attachment; bandhūnām — to relatives; muneḥ — for a sage; api — even; su-dustyajaḥ — very difficult to abandon.
We see nothing else He might consider worth remembering in these cow pastures of Vraja. Indeed, the bonds of affection for one’s family members are difficult to break, even for a sage.