SB 10.47.44

apy eṣyatīha dāśārhas
 taptāḥ sva-kṛtayā śucā
sañjīvayan nu no gātrair
 yathendro vanam ambudaiḥ
api — whether; eṣyati — He will come; iha — here; dāśārhaḥ — Kṛṣṇa, the descendant of Daśārha; taptāḥ — who are tormented; sva-kṛtayā — by His own doing; śucā — with sorrow; sañjīvayan — bringing back to life; nu — perhaps; naḥ — us; gātraiḥ — with (the touch of) His limbs; yathā — as; indraḥ — Lord Indra; vanam — a forest; ambudaiḥ — with clouds.
Will that descendant of Daśārha return here and by the touch of His limbs bring back to life those who are now burning with the grief He Himself has caused? Will He save us in that way, just as Lord Indra brings a forest back to life with his water-bearing clouds?