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SB 10.44.19

tais tair niyuddha-vidhibhir
 vividhair acyutetarau
yuyudhāte yathānyonyaṁ
 tathaiva bala-muṣṭikau
taiḥ taiḥ — with all these; niyuddha — of wrestling; vidhibhiḥ — techniques; vividhaiḥ — various; acyuta-itarau — Lord Acyuta and His opponent; yuyudhāte — fought; yathā — as; anyonyam — with each other; tathā eva — just so; bala-muṣṭikau — Lord Balarāma and Muṣṭika.
Lord Balarāma and Muṣṭika, expertly displaying numerous wrestling techniques, battled each other in the same way that Lord Kṛṣṇa and His opponent did.