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SB 10.43.12

sva-vikrame pratihate
 kuñjarendro ’ty-amarṣitaḥ
codyamāno mahāmātraiḥ
 kṛṣṇam abhyadravad ruṣā
sva — his; vikrame — prowess; pratihate — being thwarted; kuñjara-indraḥ — the lord of elephants; ati — extreme; amarṣitaḥ — with frustrated anger; codyamānaḥ — urged on; mahāmātraiḥ — by the elephant-keepers; kṛṣṇam — at Kṛṣṇa; abhyadravat — he charged; ruṣā — furiously.
His prowess foiled, the lordly elephant Kuvalayāpīḍa went into a frenzied rage out of frustration. But the elephant-keepers goaded him on, and he furiously charged Kṛṣṇa once again.