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SB 10.42.17

kareṇa vāmena sa-līlam uddhṛtaṁ
 sajyaṁ ca kṛtvā nimiṣeṇa paśyatām
nṛṇāṁ vikṛṣya prababhañja madhyato
 yathekṣu-daṇḍaṁ mada-kary urukramaḥ
kareṇa — with His hand; vāmena — left; sa-līlam — playfully; uddhṛtam — lifted; sajyam — the stringing; ca — and; kṛtvā — doing; nimiṣeṇa — in the wink of an eye; paśyatām — as they watched; nṛṇām — the guards; vikṛṣya — pulling it taut; prababhañja — He broke it; madhyataḥ — in the middle; yathā — as; ikṣu — of sugarcane; daṇḍam — a stick; mada-karī — an excited elephant; urukramaḥ — Lord Kṛṣṇa.
Easily lifting the bow with His left hand, Lord Urukrama strung it in a fraction of a second as the King’s guards looked on. He then powerfully pulled the string and snapped the bow in half, just as an excited elephant might break a stalk of sugar cane.