SB 10.40.27

notsahe ’haṁ kṛpaṇa-dhīḥ
 kāma-karma-hataṁ manaḥ
roddhuṁ pramāthibhiś cākṣair
 hriyamāṇam itas tataḥ
na utsahe — am not able to find the strength; aham — I; kṛpaṇa — crippled; dhīḥ — whose intelligence; kāma — by material desires; karma — and material activities; hatam — disturbed; manaḥ — my mind; roddhum — to keep in check; pramāthibhiḥ — which are very powerful and willful; ca — and; akṣaiḥ — by the senses; hriyamāṇam — being dragged; itaḥ tataḥ — here and there.
My intelligence is so crippled that I cannot find the strength to curb my mind, which is disturbed by material desires and activities and constantly dragged here and there by my obstinate senses.