SB 10.38.42

yo ’vadhīt sva-svasus tokān
 krośantyā asu-tṛp khalaḥ
kiṁ nu svit tat-prajānāṁ vaḥ
 kuśalaṁ vimṛśāmahe
yaḥ — who; avadhīt — killed; sva — of his own; svasuḥ — sister; tokān — the babies; krośantyāḥ — who was crying; asu-tṛp — self-indulgent; khalaḥ — cruel; kim nu — what then; svit — indeed; tat — his; prajānām — of the subjects; vaḥ — you; kuśalam — well-being; vimṛśāmahe — we should conjecture.
That cruel, self-serving Kaṁsa murdered the infants of his own sister in her presence, even as she cried in anguish. So why should we even ask about the well-being of you, his subjects?