SB 10.38.20

suhṛttamaṁ jñātim ananya-daivataṁ
 dorbhyāṁ bṛhadbhyāṁ parirapsyate ’tha mām
ātmā hi tīrthī-kriyate tadaiva me
 bandhaś ca karmātmaka ucchvasity ataḥ
suhṛt-tamam — the best of friends; jñātim — a family member; ananya — exclusive; daivatam — (having Him) as my object of worship; dorbhyām — with His two arms; bṛhadbhyām — large; parirapsyate — He will embrace; atha — thereupon; mām — me; ātmā — the body; hi — indeed; tīrthī — sanctified; kriyate — will become; tadā eva — exactly then; me — my; bandhaḥ — the bondage; ca — and; karma-ātmakaḥ — due to fruitive activity; ucchvasiti — will become slackened; ataḥ — as a result of this.
Recognizing me as an intimate friend and relative, Kṛṣṇa will embrace me with His mighty arms, instantly sanctifying my body and diminishing to nil all my material bondage, which is due to fruitive activities.