SB 10.38.15

athāvarūḍhaḥ sapadīśayo rathāt
 pradhāna-puṁsoś caraṇaṁ sva-labdhaye
dhiyā dhṛtaṁ yogibhir apy ahaṁ dhruvaṁ
 namasya ābhyāṁ ca sakhīn vanaukasaḥ
atha — then; avarūḍhaḥ — getting down; sapadi — at once; īśayoḥ — of the two Lords; rathāt — from my chariot; pradhāna-puṁsoḥ — of the Supreme Personalities; caraṇam — to the feet; sva-labdhaye — for the sake of self-realization; dhiyā — with their intelligence; dhṛtam — held on to; yogibhiḥ — by mystic yogīs; api — even; aham — I; dhruvam — surely; namasye — will bow down; ābhyām — with Them; ca — also; sakhīn — to the friends; vana-okasaḥ — to the residents of the forest.
Then I will at once alight from my chariot and bow down to the lotus feet of Kṛṣṇa and Balarāma, the Supreme Personalities of Godhead. Theirs are the same feet that great mystic yogīs striving for self-realization bear within their minds. I will also offer my obeisances to the Lords’ cowherd boyfriends and to all the other residents of Vṛndāvana.