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SB 10.32.15

sabhājayitvā tam anaṅga-dīpanaṁ
 saṁstutya īṣat kupitā babhāṣire
sabhājayitvā — honoring; tam — Him; anaṅga — of lusty desires; dīpanam — the inciter; sa-hāsa — smiling; līlā — playful; īkṣaṇa — with glances; vibhrama — sporting; bhruvā — with their eyebrows; saṁsparśanena — with touching; aṅka — upon their laps; kṛta — placed; aṅghri — of His feet; hastayoḥ — and hands; saṁstutya — offering praise; īṣat — somewhat; kupitāḥ — angry; babhāṣire — they spoke.
Śrī Kṛṣṇa had awakened romantic desires within the gopīs, and they honored Him by glancing at Him with playful smiles, gesturing amorously with their eyebrows, and massaging His hands and feet as they held them in their laps. Even while worshiping Him, however, they felt somewhat angry, and thus they addressed Him as follows.