SB 10.29.5

duhantyo ’bhiyayuḥ kāścid
 dohaṁ hitvā samutsukāḥ
payo ’dhiśritya saṁyāvam
 anudvāsyāparā yayuḥ
duhantyaḥ — in the middle of milking the cows; abhiyayuḥ — went away; kāścit — some of them; doham — the milking; hitvā — abandoning; samutsukāḥ — extremely eager; payaḥ — milk; adhiśritya — having placed on the stove; saṁyāvam — cakes made of flour; anudvāsya — without removing from the oven; aparāḥ — others; yayuḥ — went.
Some of the gopīs were milking cows when they heard Kṛṣṇa’s flute. They stopped milking and went off to meet Him. Some left milk curdling on the stove, and others left cakes burning in the oven.

The eagerness of these cowherd girls, so lovingly devoted to young Kṛṣṇa, is shown here.