SB 10.29.23

atha vā mad-abhisnehād
 bhavatyo yantritāśayāḥ
āgatā hy upapannaṁ vaḥ
 prīyante mayi jantavaḥ
atha — or else; mat-abhisnehāt — because of love for Me; bhavatyaḥ — you; yantrita — subjugated; aśayāḥ — your hearts; āgatāḥ — have come; hi — indeed; upapannam — fitting; vaḥ — on your part; prīyante — have affection; mayi — for Me; jantavaḥ — all living beings.
On the other hand, perhaps you have come here out of your great love for Me, which has taken control of your hearts. This is of course quite commendable on your part, since all living entities possess natural affection for Me.