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SB 10.24.3

kathyatāṁ me pitaḥ ko ’yaṁ
 sambhramo va upāgataḥ
kiṁ phalaṁ kasya voddeśaḥ
 kena vā sādhyate makhaḥ
kathyatām — let it be explained; me — to Me; pitaḥ — My dear father; kaḥ — what; ayam — this; sambhramaḥ — flurry of activity; vaḥ — upon you; upāgataḥ — come; kim — what; phalam — the consequence; kasya — for whose; — and; uddeśaḥ — sake; kena — by what means; — and; sādhyate — is to be accomplished; makhaḥ — this sacrifice.
[Lord Kṛṣṇa said:] My dear father, kindly explain to Me what this great endeavor of yours is all about. What is it meant to accomplish? If this is a ritual sacrifice, then for whose satisfaction is it intended and by what means is it going to be executed?