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SB 10.24.26

pacyantāṁ vividhāḥ pākāḥ
 sūpāntāḥ pāyasādayaḥ
 sarva-dohaś ca gṛhyatām
pacyantām — let the people cook; vividhāḥ — many varieties; pākāḥ — of cooked foods; sūpa-antāḥ — ending with liquid vegetable preparations; pāyasa-ādayaḥ — beginning with sweet rice; saṁyāva-āpūpa — fried and baked cakes; śaṣkulyaḥ — large, round cakes made from rice flour; sarva — all; dohaḥ — what is obtained by milking the cows; ca — and; gṛhyatām — let it be taken.
Let many different kinds of food be cooked, from sweet rice to vegetable soups! Many kinds of fancy cakes, both baked and fried, should be prepared. And all the available milk products should be taken for this sacrifice.

The word sūpa indicates bean broth and also liquid vegetables. Thus to celebrate the Govardhana-pūjā, Lord Kṛṣṇa called for hot preparations such as soup, cold preparations like sweet rice, and all types of milk products.