SB 10.23.13

tad upākarṇya bhagavān
 prahasya jagad-īśvaraḥ
vyājahāra punar gopān
 darśayan laukikīṁ gatim
tat — that; upākarṇya — hearing; bhagavān — the Supreme Lord; prahasya — laughing; jagat-īśvaraḥ — the controller of the entire universe; vyājahāra — addressed; punaḥ — again; gopān — the cowherd boys; darśayan — showing; laukikīm — of the ordinary world; gatim — the way.
Hearing what had happened, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the Lord of the universe, simply laughed. Then He again addressed the cowherd boys, showing them the way men act in this world.

By laughing, Lord Kṛṣṇa indicated to the cowherd boys that they need not be angry at the ritualistic brāhmaṇas but should understand that one who begs will often be refused.