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SB 10.20.32

evaṁ nivasatos tasmin
 rāma-keśavayor vraje
śarat samabhavad vyabhrā
evam — in this manner; nivasatoḥ — while the two of Them were dwelling; tasmin — in that; rāma-keśavayoḥ — Lord Rāma and Lord Keśava; vraje — in Vṛndāvana; śarat — the fall season; samabhavat — became fully manifest; vyabhrā — free from clouds in the sky; svaccha-ambu — in which the water was clear; aparuṣa-anilā — and the wind was gentle.
While Lord Rāma and Lord Keśava were thus dwelling in Vṛndāvana, the fall season arrived, when the sky is cloudless, the water clear and the wind gentle.