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SB 10.18.31

āśiṣo ’bhigṛṇantas taṁ
 praśaśaṁsus tad-arhaṇam
pretyāgatam ivāliṅgya
āśiṣaḥ — benedictions; abhigṛṇantaḥ — offering profusely; tam — to Him; praśaśaṁsuḥ — they praised; tat-arhaṇam — Him who was worthy of such; pretya — having died; āgatam — come back; iva — as if; ālingya — embracing; prema — out of love; vihvala — overwhelmed; cetasaḥ — their minds.
They offered Balarāma profuse benedictions and then glorified Him, who deserves all glorification. Their minds overwhelmed with ecstatic love, they embraced Him as if He had come back from the dead.