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SB 10.12.32

tenaiva sarveṣu bahir gateṣu
 prāṇeṣu vatsān suhṛdaḥ paretān
dṛṣṭyā svayotthāpya tad-anvitaḥ punar
 vaktrān mukundo bhagavān viniryayau
tena eva — through that brahma-randhra, or the hole in the top of the head; sarveṣu — all the air within the body; bahiḥ gateṣu — having gone out; prāṇeṣu — the life airs, along with the vital force; vatsān — the calves; suhṛdaḥ — the cowherd boyfriends; paretān — who were all dead within; dṛṣṭyā svayā — by Kṛṣṇa’s glancing over; utthāpya — brought them back to life; tat-anvitaḥ — thus accompanied by them; punaḥ — again; vaktrāt — from the mouth; mukundaḥ — the Supreme Personality of Godhead; bhagavān — Kṛṣṇa; viniryayau — came out.
When all the demon’s life air had passed away through that hole in the top of his head, Kṛṣṇa glanced over the dead calves and cowherd boys and brought them back to life. Then Mukunda, who can give one liberation, came out from the demon’s mouth with His friends and the calves.