SB 1.9.2

tadā te bhrātaraḥ sarve
 sadaśvaiḥ svarṇa-bhūṣitaiḥ
anvagacchan rathair viprā
 vyāsa-dhaumyādayas tathā
tadā — at that time; te — all of them; bhrātaraḥ — the brothers; sarve — all together; sat-aśvaiḥ — drawn by first-class horses; svarṇa — gold; bhūṣitaiḥ — being decorated with; anvagacchan — followed one after another; rathaiḥ — on the chariots; viprāḥ — O brāhmaṇas; vyāsa — the sage Vyāsa; dhaumya — Dhaumya; ādayaḥ — and others; tathā — also.
At that time all his brothers followed him on beautiful chariots drawn by first-class horses decorated with gold ornaments. With them were Vyāsa and ṛṣis like Dhaumya [the learned priest of the Pāṇḍavas] and others.