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SB 1.6.8

ahaṁ ca tad-brahma-kule
 ūṣivāṁs tad-upekṣayā
 bālakaḥ pañca-hāyanaḥ
aham — I; ca — also; tat — that; brahma-kule — in the school of the brāhmaṇas; ūṣivān — lived; tat — her; upekṣayā — being dependent on; dik-deśa — direction and country; kāla — time; avyutpannaḥ — having no experience; bālakaḥ — a mere child; pañca — five; hāyanaḥ — years old.
When I was a mere child of five years, I lived in a brāhmaṇa school. I was dependent on my mother’s affection and had no experience of different lands.