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SB 1.3.17

dhānvantaraṁ dvādaśamaṁ
 trayodaśamam eva ca
apāyayat surān anyān
 mohinyā mohayan striyā
dhānvantaram — the incarnation of Godhead named Dhanvantari; dvādaśamam — the twelfth in the line; trayodaśamam — the thirteenth in the line; eva — certainly; ca — and; apāyayat — gave to drink; surān — the demigods; anyān — others; mohinyā — by charming beauty; mohayan — alluring; striyā — in the form of a woman.
In the twelfth incarnation, the Lord appeared as Dhanvantari, and in the thirteenth He allured the atheists by the charming beauty of a woman and gave nectar to the demigods to drink.