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SB 1.14.17

sūryaṁ hata-prabhaṁ paśya
 graha-mardaṁ mitho divi
sasaṅkulair bhūta-gaṇair
 jvalite iva rodasī
sūryam — the sun; hata-prabham — its rays declining; paśya — just see; graha-mardam — clashes of the stars; mithaḥ — among one another; divi — in the sky; sa-saṅkulaiḥ — being mixed with; bhūta-gaṇaiḥ — by the living entities; jvalite — being ignited; iva — as if; rodasī — crying.
The rays of the sun are declining, and the stars appear to be fighting amongst themselves. Confused living entities appear to be ablaze and weeping.