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CC Madhya 9.264

ājñāyaivaṁ guṇān doṣān
mayādiṣṭān api svakān
dharmān santyajya yaḥ sarvān
māṁ bhajet sa ca sattamaḥ
ājñāya — knowing perfectly; evam — thus; guṇān — qualities; doṣān — faults; mayā — by Me; ādiṣṭān — instructed; api — although; svakān — own; dharmān — occupational duties; santyajya — giving up; yaḥ — anyone who; sarvān — all; mām — unto Me; bhajet — may render service; saḥ — he; ca — and; sat-tamaḥ — first-class person.
“ ‘Occupational duties are described in the religious scriptures. If one analyzes them, he can fully understand their qualities and faults and then give them up completely to render service unto the Supreme Personality of Godhead. A person who does so is considered a first-class man.’