CC Madhya 24.18

nir niścaye niṣ kramārthe
nir nirmāṇa-niṣedhayoḥ
grantho dhane ’tha sandarbhe
varṇa-saṅgrathane ’pi ca
niḥ — the prefix niḥ; niścaye — in the sense of ascertainment; niḥ — the prefix niḥ; krama-arthe — in the sense of succession; niḥ — the prefix niḥ; nirmāṇa — in the sense of forming; niṣedhayoḥ — in the sense of forbidding; granthaḥ — the word grantha; dhane — in the sense of wealth; atha — also; sandarbhe — thesis; varṇa-saṅgrathane — in the sense of tying together words; api — also; ca — and.
“ ‘The prefix “niḥ” may be used for a sense of ascertainment, gradation, construction or forbidding. The word “grantha” means “riches,” “thesis” and “composition.”’

This is another quotation from the Viśva-prakāśa dictionary.