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CC Madhya 23.72

vidagdhaś caturo dakṣaḥ
kṛta-jñaḥ su-dṛḍha-vrataḥ
śāstra-cakṣuḥ śucir vaśī
vidagdhaḥ — expert in artistic enjoyment; caturaḥ — cunning; dakṣaḥ — expert; kṛta-jñaḥ — grateful; su-dṛḍha-vrataḥ — firmly determined; deśa — of country; kāla — time; su-pātra — of fitness; jñaḥ — a knower; śāstra-cakṣuḥ — expert in the authoritative scriptures; śuciḥ — very clean and neat; vaśī — self-controlled.
“ ‘Kṛṣṇa is very expert in artistic enjoyment. He is highly cunning, expert, grateful and firmly determined in His vows. He knows how to deal according to time, person and country, and He sees through the scriptures and authoritative books. He is very clean and self-controlled.