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CC Madhya 20.74

miśra kahe, — ‘sanātanera kichu kṛtya āche
tumi bhikṣā kara, prasāda tāṅre diba pāche’
miśra kahe — Tapana Miśra said; sanātanera — of Sanātana Gosvāmī; kichu — some; kṛtya — duty; āche — there is; tumi bhikṣā kara — You take Your lunch; prasāda — the remnants of Your food; tāṅre — unto him; diba — I shall deliver; pāche — at the end.
Tapana Miśra then said, “Sanātana has some duty to perform; therefore he cannot accept lunch now. At the conclusion of the meal, I shall supply Sanātana with some remnants.”