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CC Madhya 19.92

hena-kāle āilā raghupati upādhyāya
tiruhitā paṇḍita, baḍa vaiṣṇava, mahāśaya
hena-kāle — at this time; āilā — arrived; raghupati upādhyāya — a brāhmaṇa named Raghupati Upādhyāya; tiruhitā — belonging to the Tiruhitā state; paṇḍita — a very learned scholar; baḍa — great; vaiṣṇava — devotee; mahāśaya — respectable gentleman.
At that time Raghupati Upādhyāya of the Tiruhitā district arrived. He was a very learned scholar, a great devotee and a respectable gentleman.

Tiruhitā, or Tirhuṭiyā, is a combination of four districts in Bihar: Saran, Champaran, Muzaffarpur and Darbhanga. The people of this state are called Tiruṭiyā.