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CC Madhya 15.176

tāte bhāse māyā lañā ananta brahmāṇḍa
gaḍa-khāite bhāse yena rāi-pūrṇa bhāṇḍa
tāte — in that water; bhāse — floats; māyā — the material energy; lañā — taking; ananta — unlimited; brahmāṇḍa — universes; gaḍa-khāite — in the surrounding water; bhāse — floats; yena — as if; rāi-pūrṇa bhāṇḍa — a pot filled with mustard seeds.
“Māyā and her unlimited material universes are situated in that Causal Ocean. Indeed, māyā appears to be floating like a pot filled with mustard seeds.