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CC Antya 5.142

‘paṇḍitera mānya-pātra — haya ‘paṇḍita-mānī’
tathāpi bhakta-vātsalye ‘manuṣya’ abhimānī
paṇḍitera — of learned scholars; mānya-pātra — worshipable object; haya — is; paṇḍita-mānī — a person honored by the learned scholars; tathāpi — still; bhakta-vātsalye — because of being very affectionate to the devotees; manuṣya abhimānī — presents Himself as an ordinary human being.
“The word ‘paṇḍita-mānī’ can be used to indicate that Kṛṣṇa is honored even by learned scholars. Nevertheless, because of affection for His devotees, Kṛṣṇa appears like an ordinary human being and may therefore be called ‘martya.’