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CC Antya 18.95

cakravāka-maṇḍala,pṛthak pṛthak yugala,
jala haite karila udgama
uṭhila padma-maṇḍala,
pṛthak pṛthak yugala,
cakravāke kaila ācchādana
cakravāka-maṇḍala — the globes of cakravāka birds; pṛthak pṛthak — separate; yugala — couples; jala haite — from the water; karila — made; udgama — appearance; uṭhila — arose; padma-maṇḍala — the circle of lotus flowers; pṛthak pṛthak — separate; yugala — couples; cakravāke — the cakravāka birds; kaila — did; ācchādana — covering.
“When the raised breasts of the gopīs, which resembled the globelike bodies of cakravāka birds, emerged from the water in separate couples, the bluish lotuses of Kṛṣṇa’s hands rose to cover them.