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CC Antya 18.14

koṭi-yuga paryanta yadi likhaye gaṇeśa
eka-dinera līlāra tabu nāhi pāya śeṣa
koṭi-yuga — millions of millenniums; paryanta — to the extent of; yadi — if; likhaye — writes; gaṇeśa — the demigod Gaṇeśa (son of Lord Śiva); eka-dinera — of one day; līlāra — of pastimes; tabu — still; nāhi pāya — can not reach; śeṣa — the limit.
If Gaṇeśa, Lord Śiva’s son and the expert scribe of the demigods, tried for millions of millenniums to fully describe one day of the Lord’s pastimes, he would be unable to find their limit.