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CC Antya 18.103

uttama saṁskāra kari’,baḍa baḍa thālī bhari’,
ratna-mandire piṇḍāra upare
bhakṣaṇera krama kari’,
dhariyāche sāri sāri,
āge āsana vasibāra tare
uttama — topmost; saṁskāra — cleaning; kari’ — doing; baḍa baḍa — big; thālī — plates; bhari’ — filling up; ratna-mandire — in the house of jewels; piṇḍāra upare — on the platform; bhakṣaṇera krama kari’ — making arrangements for eating; dhariyāche — have kept; sāri sāri — one after another; āge — in front; āsana — sitting place; vasibāra tare — to sit down.
“The gopīs peeled all the fruits and placed them together on large plates on a platform in the jeweled cottage. They arranged the fruit in orderly rows for eating, and in front of it they made a place to sit.