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CC Ādi 3.33

ḍubhṛñ dhātura artha — poṣaṇa, dhāraṇa
puṣila, dharila prema diyā tri-bhuvana
ḍubhṛñ — known as ḍubhṛñ (bhṛ); dhātura — of the verbal root; artha — the meaning; poṣaṇa — nourishing; dhāraṇa — maintaining; puṣila — nourished; dharila — maintained; prema diyā — distributing love of God; tri-bhuvana — in the three worlds.
The verbal root “ḍubhṛñ” [which is the root of the word “viśvambhara”] indicates nourishing and maintaining. He [Lord Caitanya] nourishes and maintains the three worlds by distributing love of God.