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CC Ādi 16.55

‘avimṛṣṭa-vidheyāṁśa’ — dui ṭhāñi cihna
‘viruddha-mati’, ‘bhagna-krama’, ‘punar-ātta’, — doṣa tina
avimṛṣṭa-vidheyāṁśa — unclean composition; dui ṭhāñi — in two places; cihna — symptoms; viruddha-mati — a contradictory conception; bhagna-krama — broken order; punar-ātta — redundancy (also called punar-ukti); doṣa — faults; tina — three.
“In this verse the fault of avimṛṣṭa-vidheyāṁśa occurs twice, and the faults of viruddha-mati, bhagna-krama and punar-ātta occur once each.