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CC Ādi 14.88

vipra kahe, — putra yadi daiva-siddha haya
svataḥ-siddha-jñāna, tabe śikṣā vyartha haya
vipra kahe — the brāhmaṇa replied; putra — son; yadi — if; daiva — transcendental; siddha — mystic; haya — were; svataḥ-siddha-jñāna — self-illuminated perfect knowledge; tabe — at that time; śikṣā — education; vyartha — futile; haya — becomes.
The brāhmaṇa replied, “If your son is a transcendental mystic boy with self-effulgent perfect knowledge, what is the use of your education?”

The brāhmaṇa Jagannātha Miśra saw in his dream told him that his son was not an ordinary human being. If He were a transcendental person, He would have self-effulgent knowledge, and thus there would be no need to educate Him.