CC Ādi 14.31

māṭira vikāra anna khāile deha-puṣṭi haya
māṭi khāile roga haya, deha yāya kṣaya
māṭira — of the dirt; vikāra — transformation; anna — food grains; khāile — by eating; deha — of the body; puṣṭi — nourishment; haya — becomes; māṭi — the dirt; khāile — by eating; roga — disease; haya — becomes; deha — the body; yāya — goes; kṣaya — to destruction.
Replying to the Māyāvāda idea of the child philosopher, mother Śacī said, “My dear boy, if we eat earth transformed into grain, our body is nourished, and it becomes strong. But if we eat dirt in its crude state, the body becomes diseased instead of nourished, and thus it is destroyed.